Lee ChengLin - born in 1993 in Taiwan - began taking violin classes at the age of five. Later he

studied with Steven Sheng in China.

He graduated from Juilliard School

He‘s performed with several orchestras; for example with the Nanjing Angel Symphony Orchestra

the Sibelius Concerto in October 2013

He’s performed in halls such as the Guangzhou Hall,the Nanjing Hall, the Taoyuan Art Hall, as a


ChengLin has experience in recording , his first classical album “Best Time” and live recording

album “Debussy Violin Sonata” was available now. Including: Sibelius Violin Concerto , Paganini

Capricious No.24 , Bach sonata for solo violin.

He also has experience in Chamber Music , he performance with Guangzhou Chamber Orchestra

in 2015 , 2016 & 2019

He also collaboration with Ann Chamber Music and Ex Cloud Gate Dance Theater dancer

performance the Taiwan local composer’s music in 2020 & 2021

He sign with Vida Art Management and KNS Management as a young soloist

He regularly takes part in Masterclasses where he had the opportunity to work with:Itzhak

Perlman , ShengZhongguo and he was studying with LiLin

Now he performance in China , United State.

李政霖1993年出⽣于台湾-五岁开始上⼩提琴课。他在中国与Steven Sheng一起学习,后毕业于

Juilliard School。


同时也具有丰富的录⾳音经验,他的第一张古典专辑“Best Time”和现场录⾳音专辑“Debussy Violin

Sonata”现已上市。包括:⻄贝柳斯⼩小提琴协奏曲,帕格尼尼Capricious No.24,Bach⼩提琴奏鸣



他也作为一个独奏家与Vida Art Management和KNS Management签约并活跃于欧洲舞台。


他定期参加大师班,并有机会与大师合作。师从:Itzhak Perlman,盛中国,LiLin。



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